ASPSF ‘has inspired me never to doubt myself,’ single dad says

ASPSF ‘has inspired me never to doubt myself,’ single dad says

Like many Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund recipients:

William Pontius was nervous when he first applied to college.

“I questioned myself if I could genuinely handle school while raising my son,” he said. “Regardless of how I felt, I knew I had to try.”

And his hard work paid off! William graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Central Arkansas in May with nearly all A’s. He’s now enrolled at UCA’s graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in data analytics — and applying for internships!

Recognizing his dedication to education:

ASPSF not only selected William as a Spring 2022 Mary Ann Endowed Scholar but also as the November 2022 Student of the Month.

William shared his educational journey with ASPSF, which you can read below!

About three years ago, my son had just turned a year old when his mother and I noticed a lump forming on the left side of his head. Doctors diagnosed him with a rare noncancerous internal tumor called a hemangioma and successfully removed it.

While having the tumor removed was a blessing, it caused other complications. My son has mild hearing loss in his left ear, which affects his speech and learning abilities. Every day, I drive my son to speech therapy sessions and practice audio and speech exercises with him.

Maintaining this routine is demanding and draining:

and my focus had been on my child and not myself. I knew I had to stay proactive and not let time slip through my fingers. With this in mind, I researched schools and decided to further my education at the University of Central Arkansas.

I had been nervous when first applying to enroll in college. I questioned myself if I could genuinely handle school while raising my son. Regardless of how I felt, I knew I had to try.

Since deciding to enroll at the University of Central Arkansas:

I could not be more proud of how far I’ve come. With nearly all A’s since registering, I have surpassed my expectations of what I can accomplish.

I never dreamed of graduating college with a bachelor’s degree, and now that dream is coming to fruition. This achievement could not have been possible without the financial help provided through scholarships awarded through organizations such as ASPSF and the Mary Ann Greenwood Endowment Fund. Your generosity has given me a newfound drive, giving me an incentive to push myself further.

By awarding me with a single parent scholarship:

I was able to concentrate on what is essential for my son and me. My ultimate goal is to provide the best life possible for my son and to be a role model in his life. In truth, he is my role model and the reason for my efforts.

Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to achieving my goal and has inspired me never to doubt myself.

— William Pontius

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