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When people hear the term single parent, they typically picture a mom, but there are thousands of single dads in Arkansas raising kids, working, facing hardships, and — in the case of the single fathers we serve — going to school.

For Father’s Day, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund reached out to our single dads, asking them to share their favorite thing about fatherhood. 

Here are their answers!

“My favorite thing about being a father is spending quality time with my child; watching him laugh and grow. It has helped me become more focused and attentive in the safety and protection of my child.”

– Courtney H. of Bowie County, Texas
Auto Body/Collision and Repair Major at Texarkana College


“I love being there for my children, teaching them new things and about life — how to be young women and a young man.”

– Dennis A. of Pulaski County
Radiology Major at University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College


“My favorite thing about being a father is seeing the joy in my daughter when she is doing something she loves. She has developed into a wonderful and compassionate child, and I can’t wait to see what she does with her life.”

– Dylan D. of Garland County
Business Major at Arkansas State University


“There are too many to name. However, being able to pass on life lessons that my father taught me is definitely fulfilling.”

– Fatiha I. of Pulaski County
Business Major at Regis University


“My favorite thing about being a dad is the way my daughter makes me feel, like I’m the greatest in the world, and that I’m doing my job as a good dad!”

– Harden D. of Poinsett County
Energy Control Technology Major at Arkansas State University-Marked Tree


“My favorite thing about being a parent is that I get a chance to pave a positive road to success for my children and mentor them into unlimited opportunities that their future holds.”

– Jalen C. of Craighead County
Social Sciences Major at Arkansas State University


“My favorite thing about being a dad is the joy in watching them grow. I’ve watched my kids come into the world as babies, not knowing anything, and now as teenagers they surprise me so much. I used to make all their decisions for them when they were kids, but now as teenagers they sometimes solve their own problems with words or techniques that I taught them. To see your influence on your child, especially positive influence, is remarkable.”

– Kendrick J. of Arkansas County
Psychology Major at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff


“My favorite thing about being a father is being able to see the influence I have on my daughter as she becomes her own person.”

– Marlo K. of Lee County
Nursing Major at University of Arkansas Community College


“It’s super hard for me to say that there would be just one thing that is my favorite about being a dad. I think the honor of just being able to be a dad in itself is my favorite thing about fatherhood. I enjoy all of the memories we get to make, watching her face her fears and overcoming hardships while also teaching me lessons in humility and gratitude. I’ve always looked at her as my life coach, and she teaches me more and more each day!”

– Thomas H. of Sebastian County
Business Major at University of Arkansas-Fort Smith


“My favorite part of being a dad is teaching my girls how to be successful and content in life. Although frustrating at times, I love to see their faces light up with understanding when they come across things that we have talked about.”

– Will B. of Faulkner County
Psychology Major at Central Baptist College


“Fatherhood has shown me a love that I never knew existed. Perhaps, the best part about being a dad is that it has taught me how to be a better man.”

– William P. of Faulkner County
Business Major at University of Central Arkansas

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