Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund!

We’re grateful to our donors, volunteers, and community partners who help single parent students across Arkansas get the resources they need to build a brighter future for their families.

Our students say it best! Read their thanks below.

“ASPSF hasn’t just helped me financially, it has also given me usable life skills with the handbook and workshops. I am thankful to the donors who make this scholarship possible.” 
– Charlette H., Nursing Major


“While the decision to return to school after almost five years was a difficult one, the resources were just as difficult to obtain. I am thankful for ASPSF.” 
– Brittany V., Criminal Justice Major


“ASPSF helped me push through to accomplish and achieve my career goals. Thank you, ASPSF!” 
– Jelisha M., Esthetics Major


“My children and I have been tremendously impacted by your generosity and willingness to help. I’m forever grateful.” 
– Brook L., Nursing Major


“I was able to get a new transmission in my car so that I could go to work and school without relying on anyone. Thank you, ASPSF!” 
– Mariah G., General Studies Major


“ASPSF helped me out in more ways than one. I was able to use the funds towards my tuition, books, school supplies, and some household bills. I’m so grateful and looking forward to furthering my education and becoming a nurse!”  
– Tamara B., Nursing Major


“I truly appreciate ASPSF for their understanding and for all that they do for us. You have kept me from giving up so many times, and I just truly thank you!” 
– Kira A., Nursing Major


“ASPSF has reduced the amount of stress that I have returning to school as a single mom. I am very thankful for the assistance provided by the donors and the volunteers at ASPSF for this opportunity!” 
– Laura W., Nursing Major


“ASPSF has helped me in so many ways. I am grateful for whatever the donors blessed me with: A little goes a long way.”
 – Shakaishon H., Nursing Major


“Thank you ASPSF for impacting my life in such a meaningful way. I will forever be grateful.”
– Ruqaya M., Nursing Major

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